Cafeteria Manager, Troy Thomas

phone 850-6800

Welcome to all students. The Warrior Cafeteria staff are here for you! This cafeteria is for all to enjoy. Just a few rules ...

1. No saving or cutting in line. You will be asked to go to the end of the line or SIPS

2. No charging lunches for anyone. Use My Payments Plus to manage your meal account.

3. No leaving trash on the tables. If you do, you will be asked to clean the tables the next day.

4. Applications for free or reduced lunches are now online.

​Click on the links below for more information

HCS Food and Nutrition Service

Apply for free or reduced meals

Pay online for school meals using My Payments Plus

Lunch Periods

1st 11:25-11:53

2nd 11:58-12:25

3rd 12:30-12:57

4th 1:02-1:30